IRI acquired 125 V903-T400 engines from the U.S. Marine Corp (USMC) through a public auction. 50 were torn down in 2000 and a few engines were rebuilt for farmers and Hurricane Compressor.

IRI was invited to tear down V903 engines for Cummins Inc. in 2001 and has been fully engaged with Cummins Industrial Centers (CIC) V903 remanufacturing program since the second quarter of 2002.  Literally thousands of V903-T600 engines have been rebuilt for the Bradley Fighting Vehicle through this program since that time.

Since 2005, IRI has been the primary contractor in overhauling V903 marine engines for the 41’ utility boats, a contract awarded by the United States Coast Guard. IRI has partnered with CIC on the assembly and testing of these engines, and over 50 engines are completed each year.

Quality, delivery and cost are well recognized by our end customers, with the result being annual volume increases.


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