05. 02. 2009Corey Carr, president of Columbus Economic Development Board suggested securing contracts for Indiana Research Institute to rebuild engines for military Humvees.read more

Engine Remanufacture
As the U.S. military and Coast Guard long-term contractor to remanufacture V903 engines for the Utility Boat and Bradley Fighting Vehicle, IRI provides finest quality engine rebuilding service at our Plant 5 in Columbus, Indiana.  We control the quality of parts offered at the most competitive price that go into the engines. Beginning with tearing down engines, the rebuilding process includes thorough cleaning, inspection, reassembling and shipping as the whole package.

Engine Development
IRI has extensive experience in the field of engine development comprised of all types of engine-related task from the design to the test. All types of engine-related work can be undertaken, along with analysis of component failures and development of innovative ideas.


Development packages supported: